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Medicaid Can Pay for Your Ride to the Doctor 

Medicaid’s Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) benefit pays for transportation to medical appointments. In Wisconsin, Veyo coordinates NEMT for all Medicaid, or BadgerCare Plus, covered appointments. This means that you’re eligible to have Veyo arrange your ride if you have a ForwardHealth card.

Getting Started: How do I schedule a ride?

Contact Veyo at least 2 days before your appointment at 866.907.1493 or wi.ridewithveyo.com. Allow extra time, as much as 2 weeks, if it’s your first time using this service.

 What if a friend, relative or community agency can give me a ride?

Veyo will arrange a ride, or reimburse you for driving or taking a bus, only if you have no other way to get to your appointment. When you call Veyo they will ask if someone else can give you a ride. Don’t be afraid to say if it would be hard for family or friends to give you a ride. You do not need to give Veyo any more details or offer an explanation about why someone else can’t give you a ride.

What if I can take a bus but need help with paying for a bus pass?

Veyo may ask if taking a bus to appointments is an option for you. Consider a bus if:

  1. A bus stop is available near you.
  2. You and your child are able to safely ride the bus.

If taking a bus works for your appointment, Veyo will mail you bus passes. Allow more than 2 business days to get your bus passes.

What if I have a car but need money for gas?

If you need help paying to get to your appointment Veyo can provide money as mileage reimbursement. The reimbursement rate is currently $.24 per mile.

A mileage reimbursement form can be found on the Veyo website or call customer service at 866.907.1493. Once you are approved for one or more regularly scheduled appointments, a mileage trip log must be filled out and signed by your medical provider for each trip.

You can also find a mileage reimbursement trip log on the Veyo website. If you need it mailed to you, you have questions about the trip log, or the mileage reimbursement process, call Veyo at 866.907.1493.

What if my ride is late?

On the day of your appointment your ride should come at the assigned pick up time. If you have been waiting more than 15 minutes call the Where’s My Ride line at 866.907.1493.

Keep in mind that you are responsible for having a car seat or booster seat for your child!

What if I need to see the doctor today?

If your appointment is urgent call Veyo right away and let them know that this is an urgent appointment and you need to get a ride or have mileage reimbursement, if you’re driving your own car, as soon as possible. Remember, Veyo will NOT provide a ride for an emergency. Call 911 for an emergency.

Can my other children ride with me to the appointment?

No. Only the person who is going to the medical appointment and one parent or caregiver can ride to the appointment if Veyo is arranging for a taxi or other common carrier.

Will other travel related expenses be covered?

Meals may be covered by Medicaid if you must be away from home for 4 or more hours and must travel 100 miles each way. Overnight lodging may be covered if you must be away from home for 8 or more hours and travel 200 miles each way. Call Veyo for more details.

Can I appeal if my request is denied?

Yes. To begin, contact Veyo at 866.907.1493 or go online at wi.ridewithveyo.com. You can also request a review by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services. You must work with Veyo to arrange this review. Veyo also has an Ombudsman, a person who advocates for others, who can work with you and transportation providers to help resolve any problems.






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