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Family Voices and the UW Pediatric Pulmonary Center offered a series of webinars about COVID-19 for families who have children and youth with special health care needs. We’re posting them here in case you missed them when they originally aired in May.

These webinars aim to end COVID confusion by explaining how to keep your family safe and healthy as our world reopens. Each video in this series is short, but the topics are wide-ranging—You’ll take a look back at this illness and discuss where we are now; You’ll learn how we’re going to come out of quarantine; and, You’ll get tools and strategies to stay strong during this rapidly changing time.

Series Introduction (2:12 minutes)

Part I: Dr. Vivek Balasubramaniam, “A look back and where we are now” (12:03 minutes)

Part 2: Dr. Mary Ehlenbach, “A look forward and how to emerge from staying home” (14:47 minutes)

Part 3: Stephanie Farrell, PhD, “Strategies and tools for maintaining and boosting resiliency” (15:37 minutes)

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