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Family stories form the base of our work. Stories about experiences with Medicaid, waitlists, lack of child care and insurance denials drive our policy efforts. Through our 25 years, we’ve learned that systems change takes time! Following are some issues that FVofWI will continue to champion.

“Raising our children with disabilities can be overwhelming and frustrating. Having Family Voices has helped Wisconsin families by providing understandable resources that improving access and outcomes.”

Finding the Information Families Need 

We believe that families need access to the right information, at the right time, to effectively care for and build a future for their children. Unfortunately, we often hear from families, Why didn’t anyone ever tell me about this before? FVofWI along with the Survival Coalition and the Children’s Long-Term Support Council, has advocated for the need to fund easy to find information, assistance and advocacy supports for children with disabilities. FVofWI continues working to make sure this is included in the next state budget.

Making Medicaid Work

FVofWI, along with Disability Rights Wisconsin, ABC for Health, the Children’s Long-Term Support Council and others, has worked for many years to reduce the denial of services through the Medicaid program. The resulting changes improved the prior authorization process. Our work has also resulted in greater awareness, and use of, the little-known Medicaid benefit HealthCheck Other Services (HCOS). HCOS is coverage for medical services not included in our Medicaid State Plan. FVofWI strives to ensure this benefit is available to Wisconsin children.

End Wait Lists for Children’s Supports 

FVofWI has been an advocate in the efforts to fully fund programs that support children and their families since our earliest work on ending wait lists for the Family Support Program. In 2005, only 600 children had access to a Medicaid waiver. Today, the Children’s Long-Term Support (CLTS) Program serves over 11,000 children with disabilities and their families. As each state budget is considered, FVofWI, as a member of Survival Coalition, remains committed to ending the CLTS wait lists. FVofWI is working until the statutes are amended so Medicaid waiver funding is available to all eligible children.


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