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Introducing Wisconsin Wayfinder and the Children’s Resource Network

December 2023

Looking for a doctor or dentist? Have questions about Medicaid coverage? Need guidance on a specific diagnosis? Wisconsin Wayfinder and the Children’s Resource Centers are here to help!

Over the last year, the Department of Health Services (DHS) has focused on making resources and services for children with disabilities easier to find and navigate. The five Regional Centers for Children and Youth the Special Health Care Needs are now called Children’s Resource Centers (CRCs) and the staff, called “guides,” are available by phone or email to make sure every family can find what they need. All services are free and confidential.

A new family-friendly website (dhs.wisconsin.gov/wiscway/services.htm) and toll-free number make accessing information and the Children’s Resource Network easier.  

By Phone:  877-WiscWay (877.947.2929) or use the WiscWay Contact Form.

“The CRCs are such a critical resource for families. Family Voices of Wisconsin has been advocating for many years to create a ‘no wrong door’ to resources and better 1-on-1 support for Wisconsin families. We are thrilled that Wisconsin Wayfinder is now available and glad we could be part of developing this new structure.” 

– Barbara Katz, Parent and Co-Director of Family Voices of Wisconsin

Children’s Resource Centers offer up-to-date information on a variety of topics, including:

      • Understanding health benefits
      • Information on specific diagnoses and conditions
      • Locating doctors and dental care
      • Communicating with schools
      • Parent-to-parent support
      • Finding services in your community or state
      • Transitioning to adult settings

Each regional Children’s Resource Center also has their own brochure – to find these go to www.dhs.wisconsin.gov/library/collection/p-40051 

DHS will be promoting Wisconsin Wayfinder and the CRCs across the state on TV, radio and social media so every family who has a child with special needs knows that help is available. We encourage you to share this fantastic new resource with families and friends. Navigating the road with your child with special needs can be complicated—the CRCs can make that journey a little easier!

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