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Plan for Medical Emergencies with Schools and EMS  

If your child has a medical emergency during the school day, are your school and the local emergency medical services (EMS) prepared? Wisconsin Emergency Medical Services for Children (WEMS) developed a program to ensure local EMS agencies are ready. The program, known as Children with Special Health Care Needs Preparedness for Emergencies (CAPE), connects EMS and schools to prepare both organizations in the event of an emergency.

Start the Process

Your child’s school will work directly with WEMS and your local EMS agency to request an emergency planning form. Parents need to complete the form that documents a child’s specific health care needs, allergies, and medications. Parents can add details such as calming techniques, words to use and avoid, and any other information parents want EMS providers to know when responding to an emergency.

Once the school receives the completed forms, copies are sent to the local EMS agency for review and safekeeping. The form’s information lets school and EMS agency staff review critical care details about your child. In the case of EMS, the crew learns what to expect and how to best treat your child before arriving on the scene.

Before the start of a new school year, parents will be asked to review and update the emergency planning form and this updated information will be sent to local EMS.

What if my Child’s School Does Not Know about CAPE?

Ask your child’s school nurse or health office to contact EMSC and the local EMS agency to be part of this program. For more information, contact Brittany Farrell, Program Manager in Emergency Medical Services for Children, at bfarrell@childrenswi.org.


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