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What if in one day you could learn how to influence the people in charge of making decisions that affect your loved one or client with a disability?

You can!  Join us on March 12, 2020 in Madison for Advocacy for Change, a one-day conference that will teach you how to turn your personal story and experiences into real-world advocacy efforts to affect positive change. REGISTRATION WILL OPEN IN EARLY JANUARY! 

The conference includes:

  • Coaching on how to tell your family story in ways that can impact changes in programs and policies
  • An update on the latest policy and budget priorities, including long-term supports, changes to Medicaid and private insurance, special education, mental health and more
  • A chance to connect with other families and professionals to share stories and trade knowledge
  • A visit with your elected officials at the State Capitol to educate them about issues important to you and your family

Parents, grandparents, foster or adoptive parents, providers and individuals with disabilities are welcome!

…a great opportunity to advocate and show families how important our voices and stories are to affect positive change. I am truly grateful. – C.King, participant

If we all raise our voices, together we will be heard!

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